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Garden design can be great fun, but it can also be a challenging process. People often sweep some of the more common mistakes under the rug and just deal with them, but they actually do have huge impacts on the overall design plan. Some of these errors will only become more obvious as time goes on and you get older, because that’s how things tend to go in nature.

The following are 5 of the Biggest Garden Design Mistakes you should avoid.

Not having an overall plan.

Failing to have an overall plan can cause your garden to look pretty random. It’s like you jumped right in without even thinking, which can make it hard to know how to proceed. Without a plan, you end up with a version of the one-time classic, “tower of power”.

Not having a budget in mind.

You can end up spending far more money than you intended when you decide to build a garden without an idea of how much it’s going to cost. You’ll also figure out you really don’t have the space for some of the things you want. This is why it’s always wise to draw up a plan, come up with a budget, and then start choosing plants.

Not using your creativity.

It’s important to dig in and start using your creative abilities when it comes to gardening. Don’t be afraid to start doing something that might not seem like something that should go in the garden, but ends up adding value by giving you a new perspective on things.

Failing to look for examples.

You’ve got to remember, no matter how much you love gardening, the only people who are going to be out there trying to take pictures of your garden are other gardeners. They may or may not be following the same type of design plan you’re doing, so it’s important that you take some time to look around at other gardens and see what different people do in them. This will give you some good insight on what works and what doesn’t.

Not valuing your plants over time.

This one is simple enough to understand, as it’s an extension of not having a budget in mind. You’re going to have to replace plants as they die off or get too old. As the years go on, the prices for those plants will increase, and if you don’t have a plan for replacing them, you’ll end up with an empty garden.


By avoiding these 5 mistakes, you’re already way ahead of the game. Following these rules will give you a much better chance at a great garden design in the long run.

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