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Valentine day should not be about love only but love in all forms. So, to help you plan out your day, here are the top five amazing valentines day desserts for those who have a sweet tooth and those who want to give that love from their heart:

Chocolate Mousse.

Do your lover loves chocolate and mousse? If he/she does, then the chocolate mousse is one of the best Valentine day desserts for you. This is a light and yummy dessert to stuff in your sweetie’s or boyfriends mouth.

Honey Cake & Chocolate Cupcakes.

This is one of the best valentines day desserts for your loved ones. Honey cake and chocolate cupcakes are a good couple. Now whoever receives this gift will definitely be happy to eat something that’s not too rich in taste but rich in nutrients as well.

Raspberry and chocolate tarts.

This is the best valentines day dessert in my opinion. The best thing is that this dessert can be prepared at home and given to your loved ones. This is a great addition to your valentine day celebrations as well as a great way to tell people that you love them.

Strawberry macarons.

If you want to impress your lover, then make the best valentines day desserts for him/her. Strawberries and chocolate are a good combination which makes these amazing valentines day desserts much more special.

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

This is not only a great valentines day dessert but you can give this as a gift to your friends and family. The best thing about this dessert is that anyone who tastes it can tell that it’s homemade and from the heart.


Let your lover taste the best valentines day desserts you can prepare and make your lover feel good. So plan out your day accordingly and make sure that you have the best valentines day desserts for them.

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