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Curtains are one of the most important home décor elements that enhance and upgrade the look of your living space. It is an important furnishing item that is known to add pattern, texture and color in the home. But for getting the desired look, you need to hang the curtains correctly so that it will add elegance and personality to your home. You also need to know the most common curtain- hanging mistakes that you need to avoid so that your home interior will get an amazing makeover. These mistakes can also reduce the effects of the curtains and might not make your home look warm and cozy.

The 3 most common curtain-hanging mistakes that you should avoid

1. Choosing improper curtain hardware- the right selection of the hardware is extremely important. You need to choose something that is large and sturdy enough for supporting your curtains. Good quality curtain hardware will ensure that the curtains will glide smoothly for offering the desired level of light and privacy inside your room.

2. Hanging curtains at the wrong height- hanging curtain too high or too low can have adverse effect on the overall look of your room. You need to choose the most appropriate height based on the height of your window with regards to the ceilings. Choose curtains that will cover your entire windows perfectly so that you will get an amazing look.

3. Preferring style over functionality- curtains are known to add decorative touch to your living space. But it also serves real and practical functions for adding privacy and comfort to your space. Hence, you should always give more importance to the functionality of the curtains over its style. If you want enhanced privacy, you should opt for longer curtains which are made with thicker fabrics. But if you are adding curtains for decorative purpose, then you can choose visually appealing curtains that are available in light color fabrics.

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