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While everyone likes to wear clean clothes, they often become dirty and stained after some time. In most cases, the dirt is removed by washing it with detergent. However, there are a large number of stains which will not be removed easily even if the clothes are washed repeatedly with the best detergent available.

This can be a problem for expensive clothes, home furnishings since no one likes to wear stained clothes to office, meetings, parties or other important events. Though the best way to remove the stain depends on the cause of the stain, some tips on How to Remove Common Stains are listed below.

The first step in stain removal is to determine the cause of the stain.

In most cases the stains are caused by food items, beverages accidentally falling on clothes, though mud, blood, ink and paint can also cause stains. It is usually easier to remove the stain immediately after it has fallen on the clothes, floor or other surface.

Washing the stained clothes with water and soap will wash away most of the material causing the stain. Then depending on the availability of the stain removal material , different options can be used. If one method is not effective, the next method for stain removal should be used.

Lemons are usually available in most homes, and are very effective in removing mild stains, since they have a bleaching action. However, lemons contain citric acid, so they should not be used on delicate fabrics, which may be damaged. There also may be some discoloration of the fabric or other material. Vinegar is another liquid which is used extensively for stain removal.

Depending on the cause of the stain the vinegar may have to be diluted with water. The stained clothes or fabric is then soaked in the solution for at least thirty minutes, to dissolve the stain. Baking soda is also widely used for stain removal.

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