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If you are a passionate gardener and have been overwhelmed by the amount of plants sprouting on your kitchen , you are not alone. Though most people think of weeds as being found in arid environments like deserts, they can grow just about anywhere there is water and sunlight, making them a common problem in most yards.

Besides being an eyesore, they also can cause harm to your plants and limit the amount of vegetables you can grow. Knowing what weeds look like will allow you to distinguish them from your tomato plant, but there are easier ways to identify weeds than looking at their leaves.

Weeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most recognizable are found when they bloom. Blooms usually indicate the presence of pollinating insects that help the plant reproduce.

Weed Identification Guide

The first thing to look for is flowers, which will be located in different parts of the weed (for example, an aster is a daisy-like flower that has three petals and will grow at the base of a plant). Each part of the flower will have a unique shape and color. Flowers can also be noticeable from afar by their fragrance, which may resemble that of lilacs or mint.

Next, look for leaves. Leaves on weeds tend to be broad and form a circular shape. They are also fuzzy and can have solid colors or variegated ones (that is, they may have colors like red, green and yellow).

Last but not least, check the stems of the weed to see if they resemble those of your other plants. Stems can be long or short, smooth or hairy and green, brown or gray. They may also have ridges or grooves.

If you are still having a hard time, ask an expert to identify the weed. Nurseries will usually spray the plant with a special chemical that will stain it green. This way, any chemicals used against the weeds in your yard will not harm your plants.

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